In their elevated houses in rural Bangladesh, the population is protected from major flood events.
© CARITAS Switzerland


Participatory risk assessment for a DRR-Action plan with a community based organization in Bangladesh
© HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation


Simulation drill for community volunteers for rescue and assistance in river crossing in Nepal
© Swiss Red Cross
Survival Yards in Burkina Faso provide livelihoods for persons with disabilities and nutrition for the community in times of severe drought
Farmers in Senegal are planting live fences to protect their fields against erosion
Cash-for-work beneficiaries dig contour trenches into the side of a mountain in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan
© Medair
Simulation drill of the communal commission of civil protection, formed and trained in a DRR project from Solidar Suisse in El Salvador
© Solidar Suisse
In an Integrated Water Resource Management Project communities in slopy areas learn how to dig conservation channels in order to reduce run off and erosion (South-West Uganda)
© Tearfund
Focus group discussions allow people in Burkina Faso to openly describe their situation and, collectively, identify actions which could help reduce the impact of future hazards.
© ProAct Network
Adapting garden designs inspired from farmers in Africa to resist flooding in Asia: the Keyhole Garden.
© Terre des Hommes


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