The Swiss NGO DRR Platform organises 1-day learning events, annual F2F workshops and webinars addressed to DRR and CCA practitioners of member organisations and other interested institutions. 

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Learning Event: Same Disaster – different Effects – different Strategies. Gender Issues and the Position of Women in Climate and Disaster Resilience

Invitation to a Learning Event
hosted by the SDC and Swiss NGO DRR Networks

24. – 25. November 2021
2 Day Learning Event, Bern

Webinar: Climate Finance 2021 – Introduction to the German International Climate Initiative (IKI)

Climate Finance is becoming increasingly relevant for Swiss NGO working on Climate change and DRR as additional financing source. The Climate Finance Webinar Series supports NGOs to better understand the current climate finance landscape and access criteria of different climate funds.

26. October 2021
Webinar, online 13h-14h15 CET​

Learning Event:​ Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Agriculture: ​ Facts, risks and risk reduction measures ​

The Swiss NGO DRR Platform invites to a Learning Event with a focus on Disaster Risk reduction (DRR) to enhance capacities of practitioners with respect to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Agriculture.

11. October 2021
Learning Event, Bern

Webinar: The IPCC AR6 –The physical science basis

The Swiss NGO DRR Platform invites for a webinar with Prof. Sonia I. Seneviratne, coordinating lead author of the 6thassessment report of the IPCC, on the major headlines of the report.

8. October 2021
Webinar, online 12-1 pm CEST

Field Day: Valais

The Swiss NGO DRR Platform invites to a field day in Valais for insights into measures and approaches on forest and water management that are addressing climate and disaster risks as well as biodiversity loss.

24. September 2021
Field Day, Valais

Annual Event 2021: The Role of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Humanitarian-Development Nexus

Linking concepts, connecting stakeholders, strengthening resilience

29. – 31. March 2021
Virtual practitioner workshop 8.30 am - 12 pm
8. April 2021
Virtual Public Discussion 16.00 – 17.30h


Webinar: Effective Advocacy for DRR and CCA

21. January 2020
Webinar, 13:00-14:00 GMT


Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD)

4. March 2019


F2F Workshop 2018: Advocacy for Disaster and Climate resilient Development Pathways

Background What are people’s stories behind disasters and climate change and how to tell them to decision makers? Climate change and disasters count as key impediments to sustainable development with the brunt still borne by the most vulnerable in the global South. On the other hand, appropriate climate and disaster risk management can unlock social […]

26. – 28. November 2018
Practitioners workshop, Spiez
28. November 2018
Public Day, Berne

DRR and Education

16. May 2018

Webinar: DRR and CCA Basics for Mainstreaming

27. March 2018
2 pm


F2F Workshop 2017: Grey, green or hybrid? The Potential of nature-based Solutions for DRR

Background So-called grey solutions; conventional civil engineering infrastructure for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) are often used to mitigate disaster impacts and protect people and assets. Nature-based solutions, on the other hand, refer to solutions using nature and its ecosystems services, which can complement or even replace grey measures as they are increasingly recognized as being more […]

6. – 7. December 2017
Workshop, Spiez
8. December 2017
Public Day, Berne

Webinar: DRR and CCA Basics for Mainstreaming

30. November 2017
11:00-12:30 (CET)

Making Climate Change tangible for strategic Adaptation Planning – The Climate Corridor Approach

29. June 2017


F2F Workshop 2016: Urban DRR

Background Urban disaster risk reduction and resilience building are becoming increasingly relevant as already more than 50% of the global population resides in cities and urbanization particularly in mid-sized cities of Africa and Asia is on the rise. While offering a broad spectre of opportunities, urbanization also comes along with often unplanned city development which […]

6. – 8. December 2016
Thun and Berne


F2F Workshop 2015: Integrated Flood Management: Acting locally, linking beyond

Background Water-related disasters – mainly floods – account for 90% of all disasters, jeopardizing sustainable development especially in low and middle income countries. Nevertheless floods are manageable; Tools, models, forecasts, structural measures etc. to substantially reduce damages exist but are often not effectively used and incorporated into integrated approaches. The workshop offers water, disaster risk […]

10. – 11. November 2015
Freienhof Thun

DRR & small-scale Agriculture (Adapted Seeds and Varieties)

9. September 2015

DRR in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings

7. April 2015


DRR in Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

12. February 2014