Field-Day 2024: Risk Assessment Floods

Protect yourself from flooding! 
Risk and Cost-Benefit Analysis in practice

Technical methods to define Critical Sites and Risks of flooding. Application of tools to determine the cost-effectiveness of mitigation measures. ​At the Field-Day you will get answers to the following questions:​

  • Where are the flood prone areas?​
  • Are the flood risks in Aeschau acceptable?​
  • Did Aeschau take the appropriate protective dfmeasures?​
  • Which are the mitigation measures with the best cost-benefit ratio?​


Sound programming in climate and disaster risk management relies on having solid assessment data. Hazard and risk assessments based on historical profiles and primary data collection with concerned stakeholders continue to play an essential role, but more robust, technical assessments complementing the community-based approach are on increasing demand. ​

The Field-Day 2024 is part of the Learning Journey Risk Assessment, complementing the 5 webinar modules conducted in the first half of 2024 and building on the Learning Journey Hazard Assessment that took place in 2023. Participants will enhance their capacity on how to conduct hazard, risk and cost-benefit analysis. ​


​The field-day is aimed at staff working in Climate and Disaster Risk Management in programme countries as well as in head offices (in Switzerland and elsewhere). It is primarily geared towards staff of member organisations of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform as well as the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, but open to interested persons from non-member organisations. ​

Programme Elements​

  • Recording of critical sites and definition of protection goals​
  • Calculation of flood discharges and hazard mapping​
  • Risk calculation, on the basis of the web-GIS tool MiResiliencia​
  • Cost-benefit analyses of planned protection measures, comparing the expected risk reduction through the measure with the costs of the measure​

Programme details will be sent in June to the registered participants. Please note that we will conduct the field-day only if the weather allows for it. If rain is forecast, we will postpone the event.​ We will inform with a confirmation email on the 1st July. ​The alternative date is the 11th and 12th of July, same timing. 


Presenter and facilitator

Georg Heim, Head of Water Engineering for Emmental Region, former SRC DRR Advisor​


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Please register until June 26th 2024.