Webinar: Climate Projections for Project Design 

The goal of this webinar by the Swiss NGO DRR Platform is to provide an overview of how to find sources for climate projections, encourage participants to access and use this information to climate-proof projects, provide first insights on how to apply climate projections at programming/project planning level, and start a discussion and sharing between participants on good examples, challenges and areas where further support is needed. This discussion will also help to inform and shape the Platform’s subsequent support on activity lines related to climate projections and climate services. 


  • Alex Mackey (Zoï Environment Network) – Launch of the Platform’s  new factsheet ‘Climate Projections for Project Design: Getting started’ 
  • Mairi Dupar (Climate and Development Knowledge Network CDKN) – Applying IPCC information for regional explainers on climate change
  • Boris Orlowsky (Caritas Switzerland) & Oliver Gardi (Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH) – Climate corridor analysis – an approach for assessing climate projections and crop suitability in development projects



Languages: English, with French interpretation