F2F Workshop 2016: Urban DRR


Urban disaster risk reduction and resilience building are becoming increasingly relevant as already more than 50% of the global population resides in cities and urbanization particularly in mid-sized cities of Africa and Asia is on the rise. While offering a broad spectre of opportunities, urbanization also comes along with often unplanned city development which can result in considerable risks for the population such as high exposure to natural hazards due to improper location of urban areas, high vulnerability due to lack of coordinated urban development and of safety measures when building as well as cascading effects of multiple hazards in very dense and highly populated areas. Factors such as density, diversity and complexity are shaping the disaster risk and resilience situation in cities and will need to be addressed when engaging in urban disaster risk reduction and resilience building.
The F2F 2016 event will provide practitioners and experts the opportunity to share experiences and insights on approaches and best practices in urban disaster risk reduction and resilience building to identify synergies and entry points for non-government organizations to engage in these fields.


Presentations Day 1
Marketplace Day 1
Presentations Day 2
Marketplace Day 2