F2F Workshop 2015: Integrated Flood Management: Acting locally, linking beyond


Water-related disasters – mainly floods – account for 90% of all disasters, jeopardizing sustainable development especially in low and middle income countries. Nevertheless floods are manageable; Tools, models, forecasts, structural measures etc. to substantially reduce damages exist but are often not effectively used and incorporated into integrated approaches. The workshop offers water, disaster risk reduction (DRR) practitioners and interested experts to exchange good practices, to identify synergies and entry points for improvements to broaden the focus of local projects for a more integrated approaches.


Hotel Freienhof Thun, Switzerland. www.freienhof.ch


For members of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform, SDC as well as presenters, one night of accommodation is covered free of charge. The organizers aim at providing a single room for each participant as per the availability.
External participants make their reservation directly with www.freienhof.ch. Non Platform members have to pay for accommodation in Hotel Freienhof upon arrival for economy single room (150CHF) double room (230CHF) both incl. breakfast.


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