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Webinar DRR and CCA basics for Mainstreaming
30th of November 2017, 11:00-12:30 (CET)

F2F-workshop: Grey, green or hybrid? The potential of nature-based solutions for DRR
6th - 8th of December, Spiez & Berne
ProgramRegistration and further information

8th of March, 2018 Berne

DRR & Education
May 2018

DRR and CCA basics for Mainstreaming
June 2018

DRR & Fragility
postponed to August/September 2018

DRR & Water
November 2018

Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD)
January 2019

more details following soon



DRR and CCA basics for Mainstreaming
15th of November 2017, Zurich
Program | Documentation

Urban DRR 
9th of October 2017, Berne

Inclusive DRR
10th of October 2017, Zurich

Making climate change tangible for strategic adaptation planning - The Climate Corridor Approach
June 2017, Berne
Program | Documentation | Manual | Literature 

F2F 2016: Urban DRR
December 2016, Thun and Berne
Program | Documentation

DRR and Education
October 2016, Zurich
Documentation | Report

DRR and Technology
September 2016, Berne
Program | Report | Documentation 1 | 2

DRR and CCA basics for Mainstreaming
June 2016, Zurich
Program | Documentation | Report

WOCAT training-of-trainers (ToT)
June 2016, Berne
Program | Documentation 1 | 2

Integrating DRR into market system development (MSD) projects
April 2016, Bern
Program | Documentation | Report

March 2016, Bern
Program | Documentation | Report


DRR in Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
February 2015, Zurich 

DRR in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings
April 2015, Bern

DRR indicators
July 2015, Bern

DRR & small-scale agriculture (Adapted seeds and varieties)
September 2015, Zurich

F2F 2015: Integrated Flood Management: Acting locally, linking beyond
November 2015, Freienhof Thun
Further information & Documentation | Report