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DRR and CCA basics for Mainstreaming
15th of November 2017, Zurich

Webinar DRR and CCA basics for Mainstreaming
30th of November 2017, 11:00-12:30 (CET)

F2F-workshop: Grey, green or hybrid? The potential of nature-based solutions for DRR
6th - 8th of December, Spiez & Berne
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February 2018

DRR & Education
April 2018

DRR and CCA basics for Mainstreaming
June 2018

DRR & Fragility
postponed to August/September 2018

DRR & Water
November 2018

Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD)
January 2019

more details following soon



Urban DRR 
9th of October 2017, Berne

Inclusive DRR
10th of October 2017, Zurich

Making climate change tangible for strategic adaptation planning - The Climate Corridor Approach
June 2017, Berne
Program | Documentation

F2F 2016: Urban DRR
December 2016, Thun and Berne
Program | Documentation

DRR and Education
October 2016, Zurich
Documentation | Report

DRR and Technology
September 2016, Berne
Program | Report | Documentation 1 | 2

DRR and CCA basics for Mainstreaming
June 2016, Zurich
Program | Documentation | Report

WOCAT training-of-trainers (ToT)
June 2016, Berne
Program | Documentation 1 | 2

Integrating DRR into market system development (MSD) projects
April 2016, Bern
Program | Documentation | Report

March 2016, Bern
Program | Documentation | Report


DRR in Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
February 2015, Zurich 

DRR in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings
April 2015, Bern

DRR indicators
July 2015, Bern

DRR & small-scale agriculture (Adapted seeds and varieties)
September 2015, Zurich

F2F 2015: Integrated Flood Management: Acting locally, linking beyond
November 2015, Freienhof Thun
Further information & Documentation | Report